December 14, 2016

Psalm 130:5
“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, 
and in His Word I hope;”

Sometimes we have to wait for God to reveal Himself. At times it may seem as if He is never going to take action. But if we will just wait for Him to act, it will be good. It is hard to have hope while we are waiting.
Just think of how it must have been for the family and friends of Lazarus. Jesus had JUST been with them when Lazarus got sick. They send a message to Jesus so He will come back to them. They tell Him that the man he loves is sick, but instead of rushing back as everyone expected Him to do, Jesus waits. The family watched as Lazarus slowly slipped further into sickness, until one day he died.
Then, Jesus shows up. Lazarus is dead, everyone is mourning and they all want to point their fingers at Jesus. You’re too late! If you had only been here, this never would have happened! But Jesus had a better plan, with a few simple words, He brings Lazarus back to life.
I think that is how it has gone in most of our lives. We’ve asked God for something but He doesn’t act instantly, and we are still praying, trying to remain hopeful in the wait. And when everything looks as dark as it can be, we often try to blame God. But really, He’s just about to move to perform an even greater miracle than we can imagine out of the darkness.
When God gives us His promise, we can have hope that He will do what He says He will. God has never failed yet, and He’s not going to start with you.


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