January 13, 2017

Genesis 28:16 ~ ESV
“Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, “Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it.””

As I was spending time in the Word this morning I was struck by this passage, and especially this verse. Jacob was basically on the run. He could not go back to face his family because if he did, his brother, Esau, would kill him. Jacob was far away from his home, his family, and everything had ever known, he was fleeing for his life.
Jacob could only get so far before it got dark, and it was much harder to travel in the dark. So, he stopped to rest. He didn’t really have anything to make himself comfortable as he slept, so he put a rock under his head and went to sleep. As he slept, Jacob had a dream. In his dream, he saw angels ascending and descending from Heaven on a ladder. That’s where today’s verse comes in.
How often, in our business and day to day life, do we do the same thing? We just go through our lives doing the same thing over and over without ever really looking for God; then, when He shows up, we are surprised. Well, we shouldn’t be, this is God’s world and we are His children. We should never be surprised when He shows up.
Another thing that comes to mind is, I don’t want to miss God when I am someplace. I do not want to be going about my business and completely miss the presence of God because I wasn’t paying attention. So, I would like to challenge everyone who reads this to watch for God’s Presence in the midst of the ordinary, you might be surprised as to where you will find Him.


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