May 31, 2017

Psalm 4:8 ~ ESV
“In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”

Let me just tell you, I used to have ALL KINDS of trouble falling asleep at night. Sleep troubles were caused by any number of things from night to night; I couldn’t get comfortable, I would start worrying about things even if they didn’t really involve me, or I get stressed out over all the things that I had to do in the morning. It wasn’t very restful and it got to be downright frustrating after so long.
After a couple of years being unable to fall asleep at night, I remember praying one night asking God why I could never fall asleep. And I felt like He told me, “Because you never asked for my help.” I thought about it a little bit, and it was true. I had never thought to ask God for help falling asleep. So, I did. Wouldn’t you know it? I fell asleep with no problems. That began a new habit that I got into every night. Before I go to sleep, I always pray for whomever God brings to my mind, any worries I have, I ask for forgiveness for anything wrong I did during the day, you name it. If a thought comes into my head, I just pray for it. Sometimes it takes longer than others, but God always gives me His peace to sleep well through the night.
What is my point in this? There are several points I could try to make. First of which could be, you have not because you ask not (it’s in the Bible somewhere, I think it’s in James), but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The main point is actually just what the second half of this verse says. God is the only one who makes us live and operate in total safety. You can drink warm milk and chamomile tea and make your room cooler and blah blah blah all you want, but none of that is going to give you real peace. Just ask for it, you’ll save money on your air conditioning bill, BOOM one less worry. God loves to give good gifts to His kids, so ask Him. He wants a relationship with you, talk to Him. Also, I promise He won’t get mad if you fall asleep while you’re talking to Him. I pray until I fall asleep all the time and God still loves me. I promise.
This was a bit of a long one but this is what I felt like I was supposed to write about, so I did. I hope it was helpful for somebody.


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