August 10, 2017

Genesis 6:8 ~ ESV
“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.”

So here’s the story, the world is messed up with a capital MESS. They have completely turned against God, nobody is listening to Him anymore, and they’ve gotten themselves into all kinds of trouble. What started out as “no big deal” turned into a monster and now nobody can control it. But if they’re honest? They kind of like it. I mean, what’s so wrong about what they’re doing? It seems right to them, why wouldn’t God let them do things their own way? Sound familiar? I know it does to me. In the middle of all that, God has gotten to the point that He is sad that He ever made people because they aren’t listening and they’re making a big, big mess and they don’t want to have anything to do with Him anymore.
Even through all of that rebellion, God can’t bring himself to kill all the people. All because of one guy, Noah. You know the story. The part of this story that I never thought about before is what the Bible NEVER says about Noah’s sons. Oh yeah! They were on the boat too. It never says anything about them being righteous. It only mentions Noah. We know that later on in the story his one kid makes some mistakes, but that happens to everyone. When they were chosen to build a boat, however, nobody knows if these kids were righteous or not. Hmm. Am I the only one who finds that thought provoking?
God saved an entire family, based on the father’s righteousness. What does that say to us? A lot, but it tells us about one thing that’s really cool to say and even more cool to learn about: legacy. You see, God honored the faithfulness of Noah throughout his entire family because Noah was doing a good job. Legacy can begin anywhere. You can be the one who decides, “This is not how my family’s story is supposed to go.” At any point, it doesn’t matter what your parents did, it doesn’t matter what your siblings did, it doesn’t even matter what you did in the past. Nothing matters except your decision to do what is right. Right now, you can decide to break the chains and the cycles of brokenness in your family and start living your life in a new line of freedom.
Why not today? What is stopping you from living a life full of God’s love? If there is something standing between you and your relationship with God, claim the blood of Jesus over it! The freedom for your entire family was bought and paid for on the cross. So claim it! Don’t let anything stop you! Jesus life was worth too much for brokenness to be passed on from generation to generation, but it’s up to you to say, “This ends now.” So do it, I dare you, let God break in on your family! He’s big enough, but are you willing to stand up and say, “This ends now,”? That’s up to you.


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