September 21, 2017

Psalm 22:30 ~ NIV
“Posterity will serve Him; future generations will be told about the Lord.”
They say the church is always one generation away from extinction. All of us need to do our part to ensure that doesn’t happen. How do we make sure that doesn’t happen? We tell the next generation about God; but not only that. We can’t just preach Jesus to people and expect them to want to serve Him. If it doesn’t look different from the world, nobody is going to be interested in it. If kids hear people talking one way, but watch them act completely differently, why should they believe in God? Yeah, they hear the stories, but if they don’t know what it looks like to live as Christian, what good is it?
We have to do more than just talk about Jesus and hope some of it gets through to the next generation. We have to live loud for Christ or they are going to get distracted by whatever else looks exciting. We have to teach people how to really be close to the Lord BEFORE they need it, so when the hard times come, they are already equipped to handle it with their foundation in God.
Steffany Gretzinger talks about wanting to be the crazy great great grandmother who wouldn’t shut up about God. That is how we have to get the next generation. It can’t be a one and done deal where we tell people about Jesus and hope they listen. We have to say it again and again and again. We have to live it. Everything about our lives should declare the goodness of God. If we ”preach” a message that we don’t live, nobody will be interested. If we preach a message that we don’t believe, nobody will be interested. But if we preach a message with our whole lives, people will be drawn in. They will wonder why we do what we do and that is when God can really start working in lives.

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