September 25, 2017

Genesis 11:4 ~ ESV

“Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth.””

Almost immediately after God had destroyed the world and started the population over for their disobedience, the people start making plans to disobey AGAIN! God had given specific instructions that people were supposed to spread out and live in the whole land. But they wouldn’t do it! Instead, they decided to build a huge tower to the heavens. Some people think this was made to worship the One True God. However, MOST of these ”ziggurats” were made as temples to foreign gods. Either way, it’s not obeying God.

Let’s just assume for a minute that this tower was for the One True God, maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, but we are going to say it was. How often do we do that same thing? God gives us a command and we do everything but that one thing. We may have a good excuse, we may be trying to honor God. But if we are building something that God didn’t tell us to build – even if it is in His name – it doesn’t bring Him honor. It’s disobedient. God didn’t tell them to build a tower, He told them to repopulate the earth.

If God didn’t tell you to do it, you should probably think long and hard about whether or not it is something you should be doing. Whether it is something good or not. There are plenty of things that are good, plenty of ministries that do wonderful things for the Kingdom of God. But if it isn’t bringing you closer to the purpose God put inside you, then you aren’t obeying. God has a distinct plan and reason for everything He does. His plans are big and His plans are so so good, but we will never see them if we are too busy building something that He doesn’t want us to build.


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