September 27, 2017

Matthew 9:8 ~ NIrV

“When the crowd saw this, they were filled with wonder. They praised God for giving that kind of authority to human beings.”


I know I already talked about authority, but I think there is so much to talk about and learn about this subject. So, here we go for authority day two. When this verse happened was right after Jesus healed the man who was unable to walk. Jesus performed a miracle, but not before making sure his heart was right with God. Jesus forgave the man’s sins which made the Pharisees mad, but it made the people really happy. What’s the difference? The crowd recognized and accepted Jesus’ authority. Conversely, the Pharisees, while they may have recognized Jesus’ authority (the remains to be seen) they did not accept it.

There is a distinct difference between recognizing someone’s authority and accepting it. Chad Senuta said, “Perhaps the origin of authority come from more than one part. On one hand, it must be acknowledged or given. On the other, it must be accepted or claimed. Since the temple leaders won’t recognize His authority, Jesus is reluctant to declare it. Is is possible that God loves us so much, that God refuses to accept authority in our lives until we give it?” I think that says it perfectly.

If we want God to be free to work in our lives, we have to not only believe that He can but accept that fact. The man who was healed believed AND ACCEPTED Jesus’ power and love in His life. I wonder what would have happened in the Pharisees’ lives that day if they had accepted it. I wonder what would happen today if we accepted it.


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