October 10, 2017

Exodus 33:14 ~ CEB

“The LORD replied, “I’ll go Myself, and help you.””

At this time, God had just told Moses that it was time to leave Mount Sinai. I can imagine that must have been quite a daunting task for Moses. Leading them away from captivity to a place he had already been was one thing, but the Promised Land? Moses has never seen the Promised Land and he was trying to lead a group of people to get there. Do you see where that could cause a problem? Yeah, Moses did too, so he asked God to help him and God promised to be with Moses and the Israelites.

In this verse, God didn’t just promise to send a person with Moses like he did with Aaron. This time, God promises that He Himself would go with the Israelites and lead them. All Moses would have to do was follow God. It was like a team version of follow the leader. As long as Moses did what God wanted him to do, and the Israelites did what Moses told them to do, everything would go smoothly for them.

In life, we – as humans – cannot lead unless we are following. Everybody is following something or someone. It is up to us as people leading teams, families, ministries, or even our own hearts, to make sure as leaders we are following The Leader. If we start doing things our own way and trying to take shortcuts, we are going to get lost in the wilderness. But if we keep our eyes on God and only go when He tells us to go and only do what He tells us to do, we will make it to the Promise safe and sound.


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