Lose the Labels

Luke 1:36-37 ~ CEB

“Look even in her old age, your relative Elizabeth has conceived a son. This woman who was labeled ”unable to conceive” is now six months pregnant. Nothing is impossible for God.”

Society seems to love labeling people. We have labels for things we understand, things we are trying to understand, and things we just don’t care to understand. These labels are often very quickly assigned and rarely easily removed. When things start going wrong, out come the labels. Before people even get a chance to defend themselves, out come the labels. That’s just what we do, we try to explain things and find a system. We do it almost without thinking.

This was done in the Bible as well. Obviously, Elizabeth was labeled, that’s what the verse says, but there were many people just like her. David was labeled as too young and too weak to be of any use to the army in battle, just look how that turned out, he ended up killing Goliath. Everybody probably thought Noah was some crazy old fool who had absolutely no idea what he was doing, but he ended up being the only one alive when the flood came. There are dozens and dozens of these people, labeling is not a new custom.

With a society so quick to assign labels, it is not uncommon that people are labeled incorrectly. Almost all people have been labeled as something that they are not at least once in their lifetime. The good news for those who have been incorrectly labeled is, the only opinion we need to concern ourselves with is God’s. He knows truths about us that we may not even know about ourselves, and He holds the plan for our entire lives. So let them talk. They think you’re crazy? That’s okay, at the end of this you’re gonna have a boat. They think you’re too pathetic to ever amount to anything? Prove them wrong! God has a plan and a purpose that was specifically made for you and no label is strong enough to hold back the fire God placed in your heart for your life. So live it, who cares what they say? Nothing can stop God’s plan, they’ll get used to it.


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